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HVAS ( HIGH VOLUME AIR SAMPLER) Made in Staplex - USA Model : TFIA Series TFIA Series High Volume Air Samplers For indoor or outdoor sampling of airborne particulates Specification : 0-70 cubic feet per minute ( cfm) [ 0-2 cubic meters per minute ( cmm) ] flow range Spot or continuous monitoring Portable and lightweight Built-in rotometer for instantaneous flow reading Includes 4" ( 10.16 cm) diameter filter holder assembly For use in normal, non-explosive atmospheres. Complete accessories available for use with Total Suspended Particulate ( TSP) , PM10 and PM2.5 Systems for U.S. EPA compliance Made in U.S.A. 220-230 volt models: - F feature includes built in flow adjuster. - CDT Time feature allows to turn " OFF" or " ON" after a preset time or for use as an Elapsed Time Indicator) . TFIA-2 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz Basic model. TFIA-2F Includes built-in Flow Adjuster - 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz TFIA-2CDT Includes built-in Count Down Timer - 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz TFIA-2FCDT Includes built-in Flow Adjuster and Count Down Timer - 220-240 Volts AC/ DC, 50-60 Hz TFIA-4 24 Volts DC ( 35 cfm [ 1 cmm] maximum flowrate) 16 Amps TFIA-4BC 24 Volts DC with battery cable with clamps, 16 Amps PT. SUMBER UTAMA KIMIA MURNI Ruko Klampis Square C-29 Surabaya 60117 TLP : 031-5914004